sábado, 16 de fevereiro de 2013

Painting On Canvas

«Working on the streets is way more experiential. It's a whole process from finding new spots to actually painting… I mean its much harder to get your ideas and style together and be focused when you have all the outside elements: cars rushing by, people walking past or talking to you, getting mugged, gangsters telling you stories, kids wanting cans, having beers with your mates, or rushing to get done, 30 degree heat, howling wind, freezing cold,… those things all add to the wall, there is a whole story behind each photo, people don’t understand that.

On the flip side, a canvas is like a personal thing: your thoughts, your music, you can block the world out and lock yourself up… It’s more of a meditation. The one is like breathing in, the other like breathing out.»

Faith47 (Street Artist)

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