sábado, 22 de setembro de 2012

Cities Need a Human Touch (tributo a Eusboço)

«when you paint on the streets you are investing into your community … I mean there are a lot of morals and norms in society that I find pretty mixed up … back to front…and the way people view things are based on what they are told by the media etc. etc so they don’t often take the time to really look at something from a different perspective … and so it is with the work on the streets … getting demonized … one need to just open their minds to the facts that the space is public … that we are humans with creative energies … and that it’s form or communication .. art … letters … colors .. lines. Why should we restrict ourselves to the white walled galleries where there are cities with aching grey walls … cities need a human touch … not adverts and billboards … we as people need to see what other people are thinking and feeling … not what the advertisers would like us to be thinking and feeling …»


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