domingo, 28 de junho de 2015

Obama Apoloziges And Is No Longer Spying Dalaiama

The President of United States has spoken to us following reports by Wikileaks that the US National Security Agency (NSA) had intercepted communications from Crew L and its members, including Dalaiama.

NSA knows that:
- muralists in Portugal are fake street artists,
- they only obey and harmlessly paint in legalized walls what they're told to,
- most of them are mere mercenaries following fashion orders to grasp a coin, not even caring for citizenship,
- most of them never had the courage to put their neck on the line defending a cause, they never painted in unauthorized spots,
- portuguese muralists never knew what real street art meant until they got institutional blessing and mass media coverage.

Being informed about the truth concerning all those empty muralists, NSA has been spying Dalaiama for being authentic street artists who stand for freedom of speech and share political thoughts on the walls.

Now President Obama has apoloziged and assured Dalaiama that the US is no longer spying our political street art activities.

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