sexta-feira, 31 de julho de 2015

2.600 dias de publicações

Tempo, longevidade, resistência, permanência, convicção, energia, persistência...
Até que um dia, outros continuarão a Luta.
Os indivíduos extinguem-se, os coletivos nunca.
SOMOS MUITOS, ESTAMOS JUNTOS, nunca nos domesticarão!
Amigos, OBRIGADO por todos estes anos de apoio. Sem vocês, nada disto se justificaria.

Abraços no coração!

Today we complete 2.600 posts in this blog. That means 2.600 days throughout almost eight years! Each day with a different picture (even more than one)! There's no other portuguese street artist with such an achievement!
Most important: DALAIAMA REALLY IS OUT THERE IN THE STREETS. And not only throughout the past 8 years of internet, but even for a long time before that.
In the last years, some artists have poped-up into the street art movement. It's business, it's fashionable, it's fake. Actually, what have they ever done beside their censored comissioned work?
Stay pure, no lies, stay honoured!
We are proud of fighting for freedom of expression in the public space for everyone.
We may not change the world, but at least, and with your help, we do our best!

THANKS TO ALL OF YOU WHO SUPPORT US, you who care, who share the same principles and beliefs.
Dear Friends, we are all here, we are many, we're together!
One day we'll be gone, but others will come to keep up the flame.
Stand up for Peace, Solidarity, Justice and a better world for everyone.
THANK YOU ALL! We embrace you forever!

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