quarta-feira, 1 de julho de 2015

Greece’s people did nothing to cause the financial crisis

"In fighting against the most brutal austerity in Europe, the Greek people are engaged in a epic battle for the future of European democracy. All anti-poverty campaigners must stand with them.

[...] Vilified and harangued by the press and politicians alike, the ‘crime’ of Syriza is to represent the rights and dignity of Greece’s people, rather than the financial and business interests which normally pull the strings of European policy-making. That’s why Syriza remains so popular, and why Europe’s institutions are so angry.

Greece has been victim of some of the most brutal austerity of modern times, suffering mass unemployment, rocketing rates of suicide, murder, HIV infection, depression, drug use, and homelessness. But this great depression could have been avoided, if the lives of Greece’s people had been put before the profits of European banks."

Nick Dearden

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