sábado, 7 de fevereiro de 2009

Street Life

«I’ve been walking around the city and watching how people interact with the street and then I tried to capture something of that. You know, kids playing baseball or a woman sitting on a stoop. I’m just trying to look at street life. They’re in the public sphere. They’re the liveliness of the city.» Swoon

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frAgMenTUS disse...

e é assim q ainda me vais captar, via "zooming" mas...mas...as tuas mãos marcadas de tinta denunciar-te-ão!hehe

é mt curioso, cm artista,poderes ver esse feedback...e agora fico eu a pensar q expressões faciais, tiques ou d+ gestos terão, quem lê?


frAgMenTUS disse...
Este comentário foi removido pelo autor.
frAgMenTUS disse...

quem me lê (rectifico)

Clara disse...

What a brilliant quote. I find the relationship between space (urban space, walls, streets, pavements...etc) and the urban dwellers absolutely fascinating. How much do we make the space? or rather, how much does it make us?
Superb stuff!