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Gentle Pacman burps up a dove

Does this graffiti art image have some well-known meaning?
I took the picture on the shoreline in Estoril/Cascais (outside Lisbon, Portugal) and I've seen the image stenciled on a few other structures in town. I like it, but I wonder if it has some sinister associations...
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«It looks like Banksy piece, but a lot of other artists work with stencils these days.I would say the meaning is inherent in the piece. PacMan, lovable cartoon-coloured hero, has a voracious appetite and eats anything that crosses his path. The creation of him as a vampire about to eat an innocent bird is a fresh look at the character. PacMan: Monster or misunderstood mass-consumer? Hmmmm... I am not from Portugal, so it is possible that there is a local meaning that is more specifically sinister. In my experience, Graffitti is the purest form of art, in that it is something you do not profit from or sign your name to, so my guess is that the image simply pleased the artist in the same way it pleased me, and s/he put it up all over town, because some artists see the city as a blank canvas waiting for this sort of thing. :)
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guvidu disse...

kido amigo, sabes q estas letras roxas em fundo preto se lêem mt mal? não me obrigues a ir buscar os óculos q nunca uso p ler este post... :(

guvidu disse...

sem óculos, vou então ler com + atenção e a honra é toda nossa! :)

Madalena Virtuoso disse...

posso perguntar qual e o teu significado? eq de facto, quando olho, tenho a minha propria ideia do q significa, mas nao sei se a tua ideia. e sempre tive curiosidade em saber.