quarta-feira, 7 de março de 2018

Open for Subversion

"Space is socially constructed. [...] the modernist city is organized in a manner to facilitate the flow of commodities. This idea is central to an art movement that plays on the commercialization of space to produce meaning. Were it not for the privatization of public space, street art - produced on the outskirts of prime advertising locations - would not so readily impart satirical or reactionary ideas. Since space is continually in a state of production, it embodies endless opportunities for modification and resistance. As post-graffiti practices demonstrate, no matter how controlled spaces are, they are also subordinate to lived experiences and are thus open for subversion. Even within the capitalist economy of space, there are gaps or marginal spaces, which while often neglected, are necessary for the conceptualization of the city as a complex arena."

Anna Waclawek

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