segunda-feira, 6 de maio de 2013

Dalaiama's Logo

«A logo for street artists is very much akin to a traditional writer's tag. In examining post-graffiti art, I understand logos as evolutions of signatures from letters to characters or abstract designs that function as icons, which either convey an idea, represent an artist, or both. In the world of corporate advertising, logos are symbols that represent a brand to the consumer or advocate a vision. Illegal street logos are materially diverse in that they can be spray-painted, postered, stickered, stenciled, or drawn and are visually flexible since an artist's logo, although recognizably theirs, can vary with each execution. While to an extent graffiti logos "advertise" the artist, ultimately the goal is not to sell a product, but rather to forge a space in the cityscape that questions the function of public space.»

Anna Waclawek

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