sexta-feira, 26 de dezembro de 2014


"The witty and highly sarcastic British scientist Peter Brian Medawar once said that "the spread of secondary and latterly tertiary education has created a large population of people, often with well-developed literary and scholarly tastes, who have been educated far beyond their capacity to undertake analytical thought." There is no doubt in my mind that most graffiti detractors would unquestionably use this phrase to refer to young urban artists, and they may be right. The huge spread and popularization of urban art and the ease with which any teenager in any city in the world, whatever their social or economic circumstances, can start out in the world of graffiti and leave their tags on dozens of walls at a speed similar to that of breeding rabbits, have led to a genuine avalanche of spray paint and marker extremists. It is clear that most of them have a totally self-taught ability to cover several square feet of wall with paint. However, it is also obvious that this skill often goes beyond their ability to develop analytical thought and an artistic discourse of their own that rises above straightforward vandalism or that is something more than an urban pseudo-philosophy with such a lack of sophistication that it would make a child of nine blush with shame."

Cristian Campos

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