terça-feira, 28 de outubro de 2014

Conversation (a sort of) ;)

Overether Says:
"It is not a healthy disorder and it is making people a certain way -- uncomfortable. I tag to fuck certain people, not to deface wildly. It should be an art form to express emotion, directed, not uncontrolled and chaotic. This shit -- wild tagging, is what makes cities look like slums. Not a single fucker wants to live in a slum..."

Chef Vortivask responds:
"It's not wild tagging its finding a spot where it can be seen and the closest to busy areas are the best coz they get more views and are more red hot to pull off and there fore gain u more respect. u ignorant mother of fuck."

Overether concluded:
"Get BACK in your hole you hood rat! Nobody asked you and nobody cares. End of story."


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