sexta-feira, 9 de novembro de 2012

Get Up

«to explore my own city.
to avoid the inner city buff.
for fame and notoriety.
to get up in different areas.
to inspire some graffiti to start coming out of those areas.
to get photos that can travel over the seas and make people see reality in a different context.
I paint in all areas. this is graffiti. we take the streets…. either high traffic areas or areas that we specifically like because of the texture. or the wall. or the environment. we love the photo. the photo immortalises the moment which is gone immediately. I paint galleries too. and boring walls in suburbia. and main roads and freeways sometimes. and sometimes I sit at home and don’t feel like painting at all. everything has its place and time. It just depends on the day in question.»


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CC disse...

Adoro o pormenor da tinta quando seca no vidro criando o efeito de uma "quase" auréola. :) ***