terça-feira, 26 de junho de 2018

Real Places, Real People, Real Truth

"The street is the only place where we know something is real. [...] I think we spend a lot of our lives living a kind of virtual reality. I’m really thinking about a Western, capitalist, computer-based society. We float between TV screens to computer screens and back. You can live a day without any awareness of other people. What we know of reality is often mediated through largely screen-based media. What we know of the world is largely filtered through the media, technology and the political ideology of whatever society you’re living in. I’d argue that this is not reality in its true sense. It’s a kind of plastic reality. 

I think the streets, where you actually see, smell and touch real people moving through real space in a real community, are the only places where we actually can experience some kind of actual truth. I think that’s really important. If a person is standing in front of you talking to you, or in your personal space, then you are relating to them in a very different way."

Francesca Gavin

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