sábado, 9 de julho de 2016

Unauthorized, Rawer and Subversive

"As for the non-initiatives — let’s refer to those as those individual initiatives — they basically translate in the will of an artist or a small collective or artists to intervene in the street, sometimes - but not necessarily - without any kind of mediation or concerns towards legality, much like traditional graffiti, if not in the content or intention, in the form, or ways of making. These might be relatively spontaneous; with of course the amount of planning that is necessary to pass from the idea to the realization. Most of the times, these are not authorized interventions, but the result of the initiative of the artists, who find in the walls of the city a canvas for their work and will to self-expression. These pieces can have a rawer and even subversive intention in them. It is totally untamed street art, while meaning in a very clear way the willingness to reclaim their space within the city’s public spaces. If on the one hand there might be a risk in the moment of making the piece in the street and not getting caught, on the other, there is a certain feeling of surprise for the alert users of the public space when discovering that a new piece of art just ‘appeared’ in a wall or tree or sign in the street they are passing by. This is certainly a stimulating effect of communication between artist and passer-by that contributes to a sense of communal belonging in relation to the city."

Ágata Dourado Sequeira

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